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5 Reasons to Try Alpha Light Permanent Hair Removal

Whether you’re hitting the beach, gearing up for a workout, or trying to put together the perfect party look, nothing gets in the way quite like unwanted hair! That’s why there’s no time like the present to put an end to it once and for all.

Fortunately, Pink Parlour Permanent Hair Removal can work wonders for getting rid of unwelcome hair on the face and body—these treatments are comfortable and require no downtime, but that’s not all. We’ve counted down the top 5 benefits of Pink Parlour Alpha Light Permanent hair removal treatments to help you enjoy the perks of being hair-free and stress-free! BOOK NOW!

5 Reasons to Try Alpha Light Permanent Hair Removal

✔ Less hair growth

Pink Parlour Alpha Light Permanent hair removal treatments get to the root of the problem by targeting the pigment and destroying the hair follicle. Hair grows in stages, but once the follicle is destroyed in the “growth” phase, its life cycle is stunted and the hair is eliminated. This means that as your treatment plan progresses, you’ll start seeing less repeated hair growth over time & bye-bye hair after you complete the sessions required.

✔ It’s effective

Ever miss a spot when shaving or waxing? Sometimes the harder-to-reach places are left with pesky hairs and unwanted fuzz. Take the stress, mess, and inconvenience out of shaving and waxing by booking a more efficient Pink Parlour Alpha Light Permanent hair removal treatment. BOOK NOW!

✔ No more burns

Say goodbye to red, itchy, and irritated skin by achieving smooth and silky results without a razor. Do we need to say more?

✔ BYE, BYE ingrown hairs

When you shave, you cut the hair at its bluntest length, allowing the skin to trap it and cause ingrown hairs, infection, or even discoloration to the skin. By using advanced Alpha Light technology to destroy the whole hair follicle (as opposed to just nipping the hair at the surface level), Pink Parlour Alpha light permanent hair removal treatments eliminate the risk of stubborn ingrown hairs.

✔ Save time

With a busy, hectic, and demanding lifestyle, it can be hard to find the time to shave or wax. Save time by booking an IPL treatment that will leave you with longer-lasting results! You can easily fit the treatments into your lunch break and since there’s no downtime required, you can get right back to your busy schedule immediately afterward.

Ready to experience the beauty of Pink Parlour ALPHA LIGHT PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL for yourself? We have a special limited offer here: CLICK HERE!!!


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