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7 Reasons Why You Should Grow With Pink Parlour

1. Why go so far?

Over here at Pink Parlour, we have outlets all over Singapore. This means that there is always an outlet near you! Cut down your traveling time so that you can snooze a few more times before heading out!

2. So many ways to make more money!

The Pink Parlour Family believes in sharing our success with our girls. Not only do we have an attractive starting salary for you, but you also get a commission from your clients, personal performance bonuses, and group bonuses when everyone does well. Oh, and did we mention we pay overtime too? Because sharing is caring… Meow

3. Learning and Earning

With over 10 years of experience in our industry, our managers and trainers we experienced in guiding those who are new to beauty and pampering. Our girls are paid even during the apprentice phase of their contract. Constant reviews mean that you will be a confident therapist with us.

4. Peak hour for them, Perk hour for you!

Why squeeze on buses the trains with students and other office workers when you can just sleep in till everyone is in the office? Pink Parlour serves our first client at 11:00 am, giving you plenty of time to look pretty and get to work.

5. Look good only for yourself!

Our girls are decked out in our uniforms looking professional and confident. Pink Parlour provides each girl with them and even shoes as well so lots of savings for them! Come to work in whatever you want, and leave work in whatever you want. Spend only on clothes you like.

6. Awesome Benefits!

We are all about having fun here at Pink Parlour, that’s why our girls only work 5 days a week and get overtime if they contribute more. Healthy girls are happy girls, so we offer comprehensive medical and dental benefits so that all our kitties are smiling at work!

7. Because we are interested in your tomorrow!

Our girls know our business best, other than just having annual salary reviews with each of our girls. We also chart out their career advancements with them. Our top performers are offered new responsibilities, opportunities, and bonuses such as taking on Team leaders, Managers and even joining us as a partner with their own outlets!

We are super excited this year because we are opening new outlets and expanding our services. A career with Pink Parlour is one that offers beyond job security and the personal satisfaction of being a beauty guru for your clients. Grow with us and we will make this world a more beautiful place together.

You can visit our website to know more about our exclusive deals and discount! And a wide variety of services you can choose from! Book yours, today!


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