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8 Ways To Beat The Christmas Bulge

The holiday season is upon us again and it sure sounds like trouble! Everywhere you turn, you see food; at the workplace, your friend's house, your relatives’ place, all that high calories but oh so savory food! Not forgetting the endless bottles of alcohol that are sure to be on the table.

Everyone’s so caught up with the celebrations, we forget the workouts, we forget the diets and we let ourselves go.

Before you even know it, the holidays are over and you step on the scale, looking at the damage in disbelief. You look at the mirror and go, “I need to do something about that unsightly jiggle” but you just don’t know how. Too lazy to go to the gym or even too intimidated to step in. No problems, try interval training!

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) only requires a fraction of the time you spend sitting on that darned stationary bike or running on the treadmill without going anywhere. In fact, it actually boosts your fat-burning capacity because of improved metabolic rate!

How this works is you do the exercise for 20 seconds, as many as you can, and rest for 10 seconds. Repeat this 8 times per exercise for 4 different exercises and you’re done.

Okay enough talking, let’s cut to the chase. 15-20 minutes thrice a week is all you need.

  1. Burpees (8 sets. 20sec, 10sec rest)

  2. Bodyweight squats (8 sets. 20sec, 10sec rest)

  3. Mountain Climbers (8 sets. 20sec, 10sec rest)

  4. Jumping Jacks (8 sets. 20sec, 10sec rest)

  5. Cool Down (1 minute)

  6. Run in place and slow your rate

There, you’re done! You can do this anywhere at all. You can do it at home, in the park or anywhere convenient. No equipment and no hassle. Now you can beat the Christmas bulge, bodyweight style.

Don’t just read the article, TRY IT!


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