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An Empowered Woman’s Guide to Waxing During Pregnancy

With so many Dos and Don’ts you have to adhere to during pregnancy, those beloved beauty and grooming rituals are something that you probably hope to continue as part of your pampering routine. While some beauty products or activities have to be given up for the sake of the safety of your unborn baby, thankfully, waxing is not one of them.

Here are 3 great reasons why you should keep waxing during pregnancy:

Waxing just before delivery helps women feel more comfortable during birth and helps in post-delivery care

Many women like to go for Brazilian waxes close to their delivery date as being hair free below during childbirth helps them feel clean and comfortable. Furthermore, having smooth and hairless skin below after childbirth is a big bonus, especially in maintaining hygiene or when stitches need to be checked on.

Waxing is a great alternative to shaving

Since expectant mothers often find their mobility hampered with their growing baby bump as their pregnancy progresses, simple routine grooming tasks like shaving the legs or bikini area become challenging. Getting a skilled therapist to wax these areas for you is a great idea since you can lie back and relax as your unwanted hair gets removed. No more stressing about bending over and peering beyond that cute baby bump in an attempt to shave.

It may hurt a bit more than usual but it is completely safe

Most importantly for expectant mothers, you should know that waxing is completely safe for you and your unborn child. The wax is not absorbed by your body so it does not affect your baby. What you do need to know is that your pregnancy hormones may make waxing a little more painful than it usually is, but not to worry, our therapists at Pink Parlour are really skilled and will test the wax out on a small area to ascertain your comfort level and try to keep your session as comfortable as possible.

The wax we use in our Pink Parlour salons is always of the highest quality. Pink Parlour is an official distributor of Caronlab Australia’s wax products and accessories – known worldwide to be the gold standard of wax formulations – so expectant moms can be assured of a first-class waxing experience with us, always.

You can visit our website to know more about our waxing services and other exclusive discounts just for you!


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