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Beach must haves

Finally, the sun’s out and it’s beach time! After you have rounded up your fun-loving beach besties, it’s time.

The Beach Preps:

✔ A hot bikini

New’s out! Bikini bottoms are getting LARGE. But this doesn’t mean you can head to the sand without getting your Brazilian wax unless you are on amazon!

✔ Get waxed

Yes and we mean all over! This is an area where imagination should not run wild!

✔ Get Bronzed

Nothing beats looking sun-kissed before you head to the sand. Getting a spray tan is an answer to looking slimmer and cellulite free without having to bake under UV light for hours.

A good sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 15 up to SPF 30. Get the low down on SPF.

Getting a spray tan does not protect you from harmful UV rays, so don’t forget to lather on your sunscreen and reapply after your soak in the sea. The sun’s rays are responsible for over 80% of our aging, causing pigmentation, and worse, cancer!

✔ Lip protector

Ensure that it contains SPF and a tinge of pretty summer kiss color!

✔ A Sarong or Kaftan

They are the most versatile piece in any summer bag as they can be used as a cover-up, towel, hammock, or just to dust off the sand at the end of the day.

✔ Waterproof mascara

Yup, you read it right! A woman can never have too much mascara even if it’s on the beach.

✔ A bottle of water

Don’t forget to take the biggest bottle of water you can find, so you can stay hydrated and avoid sunstroke.

✔ Pink kitty flip-flops

✔ Floppy hat that covers your face

✔ Sunnies

Stylish beach bag

✔ Thermal Spring Water for the face to keep you cool and hydrated!

A good book (preferably with a saucy summer storyline!)

✔ Camera

✔ Beach Towel

✔ Fruits and Snacks. Grapes and nuts are my favorites!

A handmade beach bracelet (preferably made from natural materials)

Your girlfriends!

Check out these easy beach combos to stay fab and fresh at the beach! Remember to stay smooth & hair-free!




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