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Busted IPL Myths

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

IPL Hair Removal has been in the industry for many years but is understated by many due to ridiculous myths circulating. Pink Parlour is now here to debunk all of the myths and misconceptions so that you can start experiencing the wonders of IPL or as we call it our Alpha Light treatment!

Myth No. 1

It is not safe.

  • The safety of laser hair removal treatments is solely based on the laser device used and the technician present. That is why you need to ensure that your chosen IPL partner is certified like Pink Parlour. Pink Parlour ensures that all of the staff are well trained and experienced to give you the treatment. Alongside the board-approved premium tools and equipment that are being used to provide you with the best quality service.

Myth No. 2

It hurts so BAD and it BURNS

  • You can only experience pain and burning sensation if the treatment is performed incorrectly. As a Pink Parlour customer, you can relax during the treatment, and rest assured that you will be well-taken care of.

  • Our Pink Parlour therapists provide smooth comfort and convenience in IPL Hair Removal Treatments.

Myth No. 3

It is forever

  • As for the last myth, this is the one that is embedded in the minds of many. As much as we wanted to experience it forever, there is no such thing. Your hairs will still grow back and any IPL treatment shall not guarantee total permanent hair removal. Yes, it is an effective treatment to reduce and eliminate current hair growth, but your hair will still grow back, maybe just slower than it used to. Lasers can reduce hair follicle count by up to 80%, and after treatment, the hair will grow back thinner or not at all for some time.

Now that these misconceptions are being corrected, let us upgrade your #hairfree goals to #hairfree forever! We got you, babe! Enjoy our IPL treatments with up to 60% OFF on your first trial!

Begin here for a smoother YOU!

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