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Ditch your Razor

Do not stress yourself shaving your pits and your below every other day. Pink Parlour uses only the best Australian hard wax which only pulls hair without tugging skin, Pink Parlour introduces its special and quick Brazilian techniques that will leave you smooth and sexy in a matter of 20 minutes or less and will keep you smooth & sexy for a month.

You can also choose a long-term Alpha light hair removal plan. IPL therapy/treatment has been around for some time – from hair removal to skin firming etc. It uses a 640nm- 950nm wavelength of E Light System adopting both IPL and RF technology which is Safe, Effective, and Painless.

It is a long-term solution that is less painful than conventional IPL in the market. Adapting both the advantages of IPL and RF – this treatment is designed to work on light color to dark color skin tones. ALPHA Light is the most advanced and powerful of its kind and a first in Singapore! A treatment that is close to completely painless giving better results than IPL and all other forms of hair removal on the market!


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