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Don’t get caught unglam

For sure you’ve heard of Fast and Furious actress Michelle Rodriguez. And guess what? She Instagrammed her hairy pits over her 2.4 Million followers on IG which turned her random gramming into turmoil.

Yes! It’s a must to be environmentally friendly, but that fuzzy wilderness needs total deforestation. No matter how famous you are, hygiene should be a mantra of every independent woman.

You OWN your body and can do whatever you want. But just like Michelle Rodriguez, do you want to be unloved by your followers? Opsssssssss ah ah……….

Did you know that Hairy underarms feel sticky and smelly? Putting a deodorant is more difficult because white residue sticks into the armpit which will give you a headache on choosing your party dress.

“The woman in you”… Yes, we all lived in a society wherein “woman” is required to look perfect; our mind has been set to see a “woman” and a “lady” with clean and gorgeous underarms.

But as independent woman who is always on the go, to maintain smooth skin is really a burden for us, especially keeping our armpit hair-free, we are too lazy to shave.

Oh well, PINK PARLOUR is here to rescue you…..

Tagged as an award-winning Waxing salon. We can help you get rid of your unwanted armpit hair in 10 mins.

All you have to do is pop by the nearest pink parlor outlet. Sit back, relax… and Let our wax experts do the smoothing operation.

Our courteous and friendly staffs combined with our shop's highest standard of personal presentations and good hygiene are here to solve your beauty issues. PINK PARLOUR, sanitation is of the utmost importance, and we only use high-quality, professional-grade products imported from Australia.

You are on the right track! You can now raise a smooth & hair-free underarm confidently!




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