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Get a Perfect Glow For Your Wedding Day

Want sun-kissed skin without the risk of sun exposure? Here are our tips for getting a tan that’s fake and fabulous.

Sexy, sun-kissed skin is always in style (and it looks fabulous against a white gown) — unfortunately, we all know that getting it the old-fashioned way is a serious health hazard. Luckily, achieving a totally natural-looking faux glow has never been easier. You won’t turn orange, stain your clothes (or your hands), or get burned — we promise.

Spray Tanning

The Good:

Quick and easy! You simply strip down, step into our treatment room, and voila! Ten minutes later, you’re done. And in 4 to 8 hours you’ll look like you’re just back from a beach getaway.

The Bad:

Anyone who’s seen the Friends episode with Ross’s tanning trauma might feel a little trepidation about spray tanning (and yes, the experience can be a little sci-fi). If you’ve never gone before, get to the salon at least 10 minutes before your appointment time so you can ask the technicians any questions you might have about what to do. Also, though you will be tan after one session, you’ll need to go back to deepen and maintain your color.

When to Do It:

Start about a month before your wedding. You’ll need multiple visits to get the color you want, but you’ll want to wait a while between each one to see how well you like it and decide whether to go darker.

Tanning Tips:

  1. Exfoliate two-three times per week starting a few months before your wedding day to get rid of dead skin cells and keep your skin hydrated.

  2. Keep your skin healthy and hydrated! A few months before your wedding, make sure you are drinking lots of water and moisturizing once or twice a day. This will help you keep your Tan longer and look more radiant.

  3. Make sure to have any waxing done before your spray tan appointment. Doing this afterward may lead to discoloration and blotchy patches.

  4. We suggest booking a trial appointment before your bachelorette party is always a fun excuse. Since we offer three different shade ranges, this is a great way to find the one that’s right for your skin and dress.

Tanning your bridal party

As any bride-to-be will know, it’s important to keep your bridal party happy too. Why not throw a spray tanning wedding party for your bridesmaids and mother of the bride? The hen party could be the perfect trial run for all of your tans, and then can be repeated before the big day.

And don’t forget the groom…

Although they might deny it, we all know that the boys secretly enjoy a bit of pampering – and the number of grooms getting bronzed before the big day is growing rapidly. Grooms all want to look their very best on their wedding day, so why not book your other half in for a spray tan too? He’ll not only feel more confident, but he’ll also look much healthier in those all-important wedding photos!

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