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Grooming Down-South Questions Answered

Bikini season doesn’t just have us cramming in extra workouts. It also brings up extra worries about achieving a smooth bikini area for last-minute trips to the beach. To get to the root of lasting smoothness, here are some what’s preventable, and what’s the best way to maintain a smooth bikini line. So the next time your guy wants to go for a spontaneous swim, the only thing you’ll need to worry about is how quickly you can throw on your bikini.

What Is an Ingrown Hair?

Imagine the surface of the skin with hair follicles poking through. With shaving, you trim the hair to be flush with the skin. Waxing pulls the hair by the root, which increases the chances of ingrown hair developing if the hair bends out of shape. When hairs are waxed or tweezed, the hair is longer and the chances of the hair whipping out and crawling in are much higher than if you just shave it. The catch? Waxing delivers longer-lasting results.

What’s the Best Way to Prevent Ingrown Hairs?

Shun the wax and stick with shaving with a brand-new razor. Also, before undertaking any kind of hair removal, use a skin softening lotion. It will soften the skin to make it easier for the hair to penetrate through for a smoother finish.

Pink Parlour’s Boudoir Soothe Calm Protection Lotion, with Australian tea tree and macadamia nut oil, acts as an antimicrobial to help fight ingrown hair. It moisturizes and protects the skin to inhibit the formation of pustules and soothes itch and redness. The Boudoir Smooth Bump Lotion is a multi-purpose treatment lotion that eases the discomfort of waxing. It effectively slows down hair growth by working on the follicles to reduce ingrown hair due to high skin exfoliation. The powerful ingredients ensure new hair growth is much finer, reducing the occurrence of ingrown hair.

Do You Need Sunscreen Down South?

Just because your bikini bottoms cover the area while you’re standing, it’s still smart to apply sunscreen to the area before heading to the beach. Sunblock is pretty much everywhere as you never know how articles of clothing—including bikinis—may shift and leave skin exposed. If the bottoms move around while you’re swimming, you could be left with a burn on the sensitive spots—ouch!

Which Removal Method Lasts the Longest?

When it comes to long-lasting hair-free areas, laser hair removal takes the cake. But when it comes to waxing versus shaving, waxing is the only way to get the hair from the root resulting in the smoothest, longer-lasting result.

Exfoliation: Good or Bad?

Good. Exfoliation helps to scrub away the dead skin cells that can trap hair and lead to annoying, interfering ingrown. Choose a gentle cleanser and only light pressure on the delicate skin. Anything more will cause further irritation.

Pink Parlour offers an extensive range of hair removal services. See our wide range of service specialists today!


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