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Halloween − The Celebrities Way

It’s a time for some scary fun. But does that mean you have to burn a hole in the pocket to don the perfect Halloween Ensemble? Well, let’s take a peek at the Halloween Fashion Statement by celebrities which are cheap, and pack a whole bunch of Halloween chic.

Actress Chanel Oberlin is spotting a pink faux fur jacket for Halloween. Although it may not be a classic piece, it is a sure head-turner that can be worn for all seasons.

Sex in the City character, Carrie Bradshaw wears a timeless and over-the-top Halloween look. The great feature of this look is that each piece is a closet staple. Cream slacks, pink pinstriped shirt, silver clutch, black heels … Every single one of these items is 100% re-wearable.

Actress Daisy Buchanan of The Great Gatsby movie wears a wig paired with a beaded head band, drop crystal earrings and finishes off the Halloween look with Mary Jane heels and a small statement handbag.

Actress Cher Horowitz of clueless, adds fashion and fun to Halloween. She has DIY costumes bought from normal stores or already lying in her closet. She spots a little red dress and an old flip phone, a red bag and little red shoes, and a white fur rest.

Actress Daenerys Targaryen of Game of Thrones artists wears long dresses with modest cutouts and pairs her gowns with beige boots, showing herself as a desert beauty for Halloween.

Romy & Michele duo of High School Reunion sets the stage for Halloween with their 90s chokers and platform shoes. They are bubbly, stylish, and perfect for friends on Halloween. And, furthermore and could be worn after Halloween.

Start researching and building up ideas for next Halloween! You don’t have to look ghoulish or scary anymore.


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