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How to prepare for my first Brazilian Waxing?

If you have decided to get your first Brazilian wax, Hooray! Waxing can be life-changing if you’re used to shaving your hair down there– and the advantages of waxing vs shaving are numerous. It can get rid of dead skin cells making your skin smooth plus hair growth is so much finer than that of shaving!

Still, it can be frightening to get your initial Brazilian wax if you have never done it previously, particularly if it appears that all of your buddies have a waxing service scary tale. But don’t fret! Brazilian wax is not as terrifying as it appears. Here are some of our tips for you before you go ahead to the salon!

It appears apparent, but the largest problem you could deal with is if your hair is too long or short before choosing a waxing service. Too long and your wax is more likely to take longer to be removed than the ordinary thirty minutes it typically takes; go short and the wax will not be able to clench your hair.

A good guideline: A quarter of an inch, or the size of an eyelash is ideal. Don’t cut for about 2 weeks before your session! Even if it feels long, your esthetician will give you trim if that is necessary.

You’ll have a lot of time to wear that cute new band and flaunt that beach bod and sexy tan line after your Brazilian wax, so stick to cotton underwear for the actual waxing service.

Leave the slim denim, as well: go for something flowy and comfy.

You want your skin cells along your swimsuit line to be in great shape before going to your first Brazilian wax, and the best way to prep for a waxing session is to scrub the skin in advance. The skin needs to be entirely tidy before your waxing appointment. Plus, exfoliating will help prevent ingrown hairs post-waxing.

If you have very low pain tolerance, we suggest you take an over-the-counter pain reliever that you can take a minimum of thirty minutes in advance, so it has time to work. Bikini waxes for the first time often tend to be the most painful. Each one becomes less painful.

And lastly, try to relax! Overthinking will just make you feel more anxious. If you have scheduled your very first Brazilian wax, you have currently saved a great deal of tension– you don’t need to worry about applying warm wax yourself.

Take some deep breaths, stay calm, remember your esthetician understands what they’re doing, and comply with the instructions that they are going to give.

These are just some tips on prepping for your first Brazilian wax but what’s better is to experience a professional waxing salon that will take away your jitters. Pink Parlour is known as the best house for waxing especially for first-timers.

We guarantee to wax that is less painful than your breakup hun! Book an appointment with us today. Here’s a special treat for first-timers, pay only $41 for your trial Brazilian wax! Start your smooth journey at

P.S Don’t forget to stay indoors and avoid sun exposure at least 24 hours after the session.



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