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IPL for First Timers, what should you expect?

IPL is proven to reduce our bodies' hair growth gradually. Additionally, it promotes smoother skin and aids in the prevention of ingrown hairs. Pink Parlour's IPL service, which is also called Alpha Light, can help you boost your confidence by being hair-free!

As some of you may have been curious about what to expect during your first session, we've listed the things that you should expect when receiving an IPL so that you can be ready and take the first step towards your hair-free journey.

1. Sunburn-like sensation

For about 4-6 hours after the IPL, you may get a minor sunburn-like stinging on the areas that receive the Alpha Light treatment, but don't be afraid! Put a cool compress over the area where the sting was felt to relieve it, but be careful not to cause further irritation by avoiding hot showers.

2. Hair Shedding

You can start to see some hair shedding two weeks following your initial Alpha Light Treatment, as new hair begins to grow after 30 days. With the use of your washcloth, wipe it carefully. Be sure to refrain from waxing, plucking, or shaving the spot!

3. Black Dots or also known as “Pepper Spots”

It's possible that the area will have black dots after the shedding process. It might seem strange, but these strands are the ones that the "Alpha Light Process burns." But don't worry; the skin will eventually push it out. You may help this process by lightly exfoliating the region. Hooray! That means you’re a step closer to making your body and face glow by being hair-free!

Now, that you know what to expect for your first IPL Treatment, time to treat yourself and indulge in a session with us! You can visit our website here 👇


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