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Makeup Techniques To Look Tanned

Go easy on the bronzer!

A big mistake that many women make is to cover their face with bronzer and the result is a very unnatural-looking orange. Look for a powder that is no more than two shades darker than your natural skin tone. If you’re not too sure how to choose the right color, don’t be shy to approach the makeup consultants at the store.

Recognize the places where light tends to naturally hit your skin. It would generally be the top of your forehead, nose bridge, and cheekbones. If you’re going sleeveless, don’t be stingy with brushing a little on your collar bones and shoulders as well. Apply VERY LIGHTLY!

Not too much powder

Reach into your bag or scan your dressing table, chances are, you’d find a powder of some sort in there. There’s a loose powder, press powder, setting powder, finishing powder, HD powder, and who knows what other types of powders are being invented right now. Powders are used almost all of the time but just like the bronzer, don’t go overboard. Get rid of shine and oil with an oil blotter instead of cake-ing your face with pressed powder or misusing other types of powder in a desperate attempt to look matte. A cakey face hides any hint of tan so…you know what to do.

Serenade with a nice blush

It is important to add warmth to cheeks with a blusher. Choose a pink or apricot if you have slightly fairer skin. Slightly flushed cheeks always make you look happier and more attractive.

Shadow the eyes

It goes without saying, to achieve a bronzed look, you’ll need a bronze. Try to avoid dark-colored eyeshadows because bronze skin and very sunken-looking eyes don’t typically go too well together.

Irresistible lips

With the rest of your face looking natural and healthy, brighten up with brightly colored lipstick. Bright red, hot pink, or any bold color!

Final Touches

Now you’re more or less done. What’s left is the killer sassy moves. Strut down the roads, be confident and make all the heads turn. If you got it, flaunt it. Show the world what you’ve got and enjoyed every moment of it!



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