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Send Help To Anyone Who Wants To Be Hair-Free After Lockdown

Anything can happen during lockdown! And a joke’s going around – once the lockdown ends, we’ll know everyone’s real looks, from head to toe. Some people even make jokes and share hilarious photos during quarantine of their “natural look”. Many people start worrying about walking out of the house on the first day of post quarantine with terrible hair, bad lash extension that hasn’t been taken care of for a while, a hairy body, and ugly nails.

To be honest, it’s okay to be worried about your look because HEY it’s been quite some time since you all got pampering sessions. Perhaps you don’t even remember when the last time you did.

If you are a waxing fan, you must be counting down the days to go to our salon for pampering and be hair-free again, for sure! Well, we understand it sucks to be hairy like a gorilla, especially down there, and feel frustrated because you can’t wait to get back to our favorite beauty therapist to be hairless again, right? If you don’t have any favorite places to go for a pampering session yet and are still searching for which place to go, you need to consider a few things.

1. Safety Procedure

Choose salons that are implementing high sanitation procedures, like Pink Parlour. To welcome back its staff and clients, Pink Parlour has developed its new safety and client service protocols, called ‘Pink Parlour Safe Harbor’ designed to protect everyone at its stores, following guidance from our government and health authorities by implementing high sanitation procedures.

The Pink Parlour Safe Harbor Guidelines include online booking, staff training, and safety procedures that address social distancing and restricted store capacity, enhanced hygiene measures, mandatory face masks, and temperature checks.

2. Well-known salons that have a good reputation

A good reputation comes from service quality and service products. Finding a salon that offers high-quality wax, no double-dipping, and professional therapists is super important, for your own satisfaction and health.

3. Trusted reviews from real customers

If you don’t know how to find salons that have good reputations around you, just simply search on google for some salons and see the reviews. Besides, you can also search its social media and find testimonials there. Good salons usually have many testimonials on their social media pages.

4. Guarantee

The last thing to consider when choosing the right salon to get a pampering session is its guarantee. Professional salons offer guarantees to make sure their customers feel satisfied with their service, especially during this time. However, sadly not all salons have this policy, but if you’re coming to Pink Parlour, you don’t have to worry, we offer a 100% package guarantee! We will also update the package refunds from a grace period of 7 days to 30 days, a complimentary package extension during the closed store period

Before many people judge you based on your hairy body, here we offer you special deals during this sad time. To express our gratitude to our customers who support us in this difficult time, Pink Parlour offers you BUY 1 GET 1 WAXING & ALPHA LIGHT PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL. Grab yours here.


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