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Smart money habits: how to use properly?

Freeze your usual spending habits

The best way to do this is to find yourself a partner or a group of friends for this exercise. Go on a spending freeze together, and help each other out. Avoid the usual shopping night and the inflated cost of eating out during your weekly meet-ups.

Make this “painful” change into a game where the person who saves the least has to do a forfeit. This will be a great driving force for everyone to rethink before they spend and all this cost-cutting will benefit everyone too. Everyone can chip in to share what methods have been effective and what have not so you can implement the good ones into your own spending habits as well

Pay with cash wherever possible

With the advent of online banking, mobile paying, credit cards, and all that cashless modes of payment, it has been ever easier to overspend.

When you have to physically use the notes and coins, you’ll definitely be more conscious and “feel the pinch” whenever you dig into your wallet and realize the rate at which your money is depleting.

More often than not, you’ll think twice or even thrice before grabbing that blouse that just caught your eye.

Maximize your saving opportunities

Look for coupons in the newspapers look out for promotions on Groupon, and watch out for advertisements on social media for offers. Very often, online stores have a discount code that is available for your use, you just need to search hard enough for it. Perhaps, it might be too troublesome for you and you’ll end up convincing yourself that it’s not a necessary purchase. More money saved!

Buy your groceries in bulk

Purchasing larger portions of your groceries tends to be more valuable for money. Worried about expiry dates? Well, another reason to eat in and cook your own meals! Invite the company over and whip up something delicious together to utilize the food instead of going out to eat.

Cooking together could act as a great bonding session and you can have fun together with minimal cost.

Empty all your change at the end of the day

All the coins you get as change could be saved together and transferred into a container. Accumulate all the small changes and use them for a special occasion. Of course, use it wisely. Don’t forget, that’s your hard-earned savings!!

Give these a try and surprise yourself with how much you could’ve saved if you just made this little tweak to your lifestyle months ago!



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