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Tanned Is The New Fair

Why is tanned skin so popular these days? We dive deeper into finding out the big deal about tanning and how to look more tanned without the harmful UV rays.

So what is the big deal about tanning?

In a countrywide study, British women admitted that having tanned skin was more important to them than having a fresh hair color, manicure, pedicure, new hairstyle, or the most trendy outfit.

Nearly half of the respondents said they felt significantly more attractive with a tanned skin tone while a third had a boost in their confidence.

The majority of the women perceived themselves as slimmer with a bronzed glow as well. Not forgetting that being tanned can actually hide some of that unsightly cellulite!

In another study, researchers used the popular attractiveness-rating website to determine if “hotness” scores would vary when the same woman was pictured with her natural complexion and then with a tan.

Using Photoshop, 45 photos of women aged 21 to 35 were altered to look tan. The original and the doctored versions were subsequently uploaded on the site at different times. The researchers found that the bronzed version was twice as likely to be rated as more attractive.

Looks like tanned skin is a plus point for women trying to look their best! There are several ways to look tanned; sun tanning, UV beds, spray tans, makeup, and even by changing your diet.

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Stay tuned to Part 2 where we will cover the topic of how to look tanned!


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