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Want Some Sparkle This Holidays?

Wear Glitter Eyeliner!

The holiday season is all about shimmer, so there’s no better time to turn up the sparkle in makeup. Glitter Eyeliner is the way to have stand-out eyes this year. It is an easy eye makeup tool for less experienced gals to top makeup masters. The trick of applying Glitter Eyeliner is to layer the glitter liner just above a black base or add it to a smoky eye look or draw a wing.

Glitter eye makeup requires no mixing and is easy to apply. To get a bit more of a sparkle, mix a glitter shadow or powder. If you want gleam, use the above-mentioned method with loose glitter, which comes in a variety of sizes. Depending on whether you chose small flecks or larger chunks, the looks will be different, from a fairy–dust sparkle to disco–ball reflective.

Tips and Tricks to Applying Glitter Eye Liner

Tip #1

Depending on the type you have chosen, prepare the right outfit to go along with your makeup. Many people will want glittery boots, tops, and shoes. Avoid them, as they will make you appear like a disco ball and diminish its appearance. In addition, you should not wear contrasting tops e.g. someone on a green top wearing pink glittery eyeliner. A black top will work well in most instances.

Tip #2

Avoid using shimmering lipsticks or lip glosses as you might look like you just dipped your head into grease, especially with the glitter on your eyes.

Tip #3

Avoid using wearing big glasses, the point is to let your eyes be the center of attention!

Tip #4

For earrings, avoid shiny balls. Neon bold pieces or large hoops that match the color of your glittering eyeliners will look great.

Tip #5

Unlike tops, which are outstanding, you should go for glittery metallic purses. Purses are small and might not attract much attention as tops would.

Tip #6

Skin type – if you have an oily skin type, you could avoid using glittering eyeliners as they might not work well or would smudge as your skin secrets oil.

Tip #7

If you do not want the disco diva look that these eyeliners might give you, try softer colors and neutral eyeshadow, as well as some soft pink on your cheeks and lips.

You are a bold and confident lady and you will pick one to suit your style. Have fun with glitter and sparkle away!


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