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Waxing vs. Sugaring

It is really hard to choose between a trendy and popular hair removal method or the traditional way of removing excess hair from our bodies. However, waxing and sugaring are some of the hair removal techniques available on the market. Waxing and sugaring are often grouped together because both techniques lift hair from the root and have a longer effect on the skin than shaving. But truth be told, they're two very different techniques.


Waxing is a process of hair removal from the roots of the hair by using either strip paper, or wax formula to get rid of hair. According to an expert, waxing or removing hair is certainly not new because the ancient Egyptians were the first to use the method of removal of hair from the skin. Egyptian women were seen as hairless and flawless, as part of their beauty.

Waxing reduces hair growth when performed every four to five weeks. Waxing does not cause you to grow more hair follicles. In fact, if you become a regular waxer, you will notice that your hair will become quite sparse and not as coarse. Waxing pulls it out by the root, so it grows back softer, finer, and thinner. Waxing is great for those who are tired of the hassle of shaving several times per week. The more you wax, the less hair grows back.


Sugaring is another type of hair removal that removes the hair follicles from the skin. The name for this method comes from the paste itself, which consists of lemon, water, and sugar. The ingredients are all heated together until it reaches a candy-like consistency. Once it cools, it’s applied directly to the skin.


Waxing and Shaving can be quite similar because of their use and method but the truth is, they are different. To answer the question, both sugaring and waxing can be great forms of hair removal if you’re looking for lasting results. There’s no clear “winner” between the two because it’s ultimately down to preference.

If you prefer to use waxing as your partner in removing hair, it is totally fine and if you choose the sugaring method, it is okay too. Now, if you’re still unsure as to what to try and consider you can always ask the salon you’re going to, read reviews online, ask your friends and family, watch videos, etc.

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