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Everyone, meet Zeph

Pink Parlour Spotlight: Zeph

If you’ve been to Pink Parlour OUE you know Zeph. And chances are Zeph knows you too.

“My customer’s happiness is really my greatest achievement in a day,” said Zeph. “And I’ve always treated them the way I wanted to be treated. Probably the reason why I love my job very much.”

Zeph has 10 years of waxing experience, 6 years in Pink Parlour, and counting. At that time, he got tons of positive feedback from customers and really loved his service and professionality. That is why Zeph is considered as an asset of Pink Parlour in delivering quality services, aligned with our mission of giving excellent services to our customers.

“Been going with my boyfriend waxing for quite some time now and having Zeph as my therapist is really wonderful. He knows which area will hurt the most and he’ll be more gentle. definitely highly recommended.”-Kiki Abarai, Pink Parlour Customer

If you have questions regarding facials, hair removal, IPL Laser treatment, and eyebrow embroidery, Zeph will give you information that will surely help you.

When you want to spend your pampering day at Pink Parlour OUE, make sure you introduce yourself to him. One thing is for sure, he will not treat you as her client. He will treat you like a friend.

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