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Why should you consider IPL Hair Removal treatment?

Hair removal procedures such as IPL (Intense Pulse Light) have become a popular treatment due to improvements in laser technology. Although IPL is more expensive than waxing, IPL has proven to be the most effective way to give yourself the smooth skin you have always wanted. Here is some information that will help you prepare and what to expect on your first IPL Hair Removal Treatment.

How does IPL Hair Removal work?

So what is IPL? Now for the information, IPL functions thanks to a pigment in hair called melanin: much like a dark sheet on a warm day, the melanin assists the hair absorbs the light from the flashes, stimulating it to enter into its relaxing phase. IPL devices produce a wide scope of wavelengths of light to deliver a solitary white glimmer. This light is nearer to normal light and can show up with an orange/red gleam when the gadget is streaked against the skin, similar to a camera streak. This leaves you with smooth, hair-free skin.

Why is it better than other forms of hair removal?

Shaving consumes a lot of time and the hair will certainly grow back in just a couple of days. Shaving can be done as often as necessary, but keep in mind that more frequent shaving may cause irritation in sensitive skin.

Waxing is a very good alternative for shaving. But if you are looking for a permanent hair removal method then IPL is the best for you.

Is IPL hair removal treatment expensive?

People are often misguided by price and choose cheap hair removal treatments over results and quality of the service. What most people fail to consider, is that the investment—or cost—is gauged directly by the effectiveness of the treatment. For example, if you pay $1,500 for a hundred treatments, the cost per treatment is $15—which may seem like an incredible deal IF the results are achieved. But if the results are not permanent, your $15 spend will become a repeated expense for years to come.

How effective is the IPL Hair Removal treatment?

IPL will be able to capture more hair effectively. On average, one to two touch-up sessions a year for the 2nd and 3rd year can achieve over 98% hair-free for many years. You will notice hair falling off within 7 days to 3 weeks after the treatment, but hair reduction may not be noticeable as we all have many cycles of actively growing hair.

An average person may require 3 to 5 sessions before noticing any hair reduction. Keep your sights on the end results, there are many IPL hair removal choices out there but if you want to make the best choice for your investment and if you’re looking for a hair removal clinic that cares about providing results with professional service, choose PINK PARLOUR.


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